Carving a Bellamy Eagle Video Broken Into 8 Parts

For those of you without the time or patience to view the entire video I have posted, I’ve broken the video up into 8 parts. YouTube can make it difficult to view them in order so I’ve posted them all here.

Part 1 includes cutting the blank, roughing out the wings and then smoothing the wings in preparation of carving the feathers.


Part 2 includes carving the feathers on the smoothed wings.


Part 3 includes shaping and smoothing the shield.


Part 4 includes detailing the feathers with quills and veins.


Part 5 includes working on the head. Roughing it out and preparing it to mount to the body.


Part 6 includes detailing the head.


Part 7 includes gilding: Applying the sealer, adhesive and the gold leaf.


Part 8 includes finishing the eagle by painting the shield, eye and tongue.