Two Headed Bellamy Eagle in Mahogany

I like to look through old auction catalogs to see what antiques are selling for and to get ideas for carvings. I was shocked to find a two headed Bellamy eagle that was sold several years ago. It’s a weird looking thing but I liked it so I decided to carve one for myself.

Instead of painted pine I carved this eagle from mahogany and left it in natural wood. I will have a pattern available for sale soon.


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8 years ago

I LOVE IT!!!!!

John Stacey
7 years ago

I first saw this eagle during my cocktail hour. At first i thought i’d had too many Marker’s Marks. You can imagine my releif when I read the eagle does have two heads! Nice work.
Do you think there is any evidence to point to the fact that Bellamy ever carved a two headed eagle?