Start to Finish Video of Carving a Bellamy Style Eagle

I’ve been trying for about a year to finish this video of me carving one of the War and Peace eagles. Frankly, it’s a pain in the butt. It takes almost as much time to play with camera setups and editing as it does to finish the carving. Learning the editing software took the longest. That’s what took the project so long. I kept getting aggravated and giving up temporarily until I had more time. I gave up trying to do a voice over so I added music instead. The video is sped up but it is still an hour and twenty minutes long. Enjoy!

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Dale Palmer
3 years ago

Those scientists who say that traveling back in time is not possible are wrong. I felt as if I was watching John Haley Bellamy himself completing one of his works of art. Maybe the video needs a little Beethoven or Mozart playing in the background?

Amazing, god-given talent.

John Stacey
3 years ago

Great video will be watching it many times. Would you care to share the little tool you use to carve the stars? I’m using Jay Hanna’s methods in Ship Carvers Handbook. I’ve always admired your carving frames that enable you to carve vertically. I pin mine down to bench it’s more fatiguing. Have you considered selling plans to this? I don’t own tools needed to make it but with plans I can cajole friends with table saws and serious belt sanders to help me. Carving Santas now but next eagle is the 1812 you sold me!
Thanks again and Merry Christmas,
John Stacey

Rene Gomez
Reply to  John Stacey
2 years ago

What is the wood thickness used for the above project