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Michael Cusack
6 years ago

You have a picture of a thin long eagle with a commissioning penenet in it’s beak. Can you give me an idea on price. I live on Brooklyn and I could drive up and we can discuss. This would be for indoor use.

Reply to  Michael Cusack
6 years ago

With one banner $600. With both banners $725.

ed jewett
2 years ago

Wonderful work.
I am from the Portsmouth, NH area and am familiar with the Bellamy eagles as a result of my son’s involvement with the early antique market in the seacost area. He is a friend of Ron Bouregault for example.He also has a ten foot Bellamy over his fireplace at Strawberry Banke!
This will be a step up for me and my limited carving I am anxious to get started. Wish me luck, Ed Jewett