Life Sized, Anatomically Correct Human Skull

Well, almost anatomically correct. This was just a practice piece and isn’t perfect. But is is close. I used basswood and finished it to look like it was dug up out of the ground. I finished it in amber shellac and still have to kill some of the shine. I mounted it on a piece of maple into which I turned a bunch of disks to mimic vertebrae in a spine. Then I carved it into an “S” shape so it has a curve like a real spine.

I’ve wanted to carve one of these for a long time. I was lucky enough to be able to borrow a real human skull as a model, which helped a lot.  Now I am trying to find a suitable block of burl to carve a keeper.

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11 years ago

This is phenomenal I love the realism you’ve created in your work. I was looking on Google images to find a cane with a skull hande and a spine as the cane with no luck so I change to look for carvings made in wood and yours jump right out at me it just look like what I was looking for.I was wondering if you can you make it the same way again but as a cane about 40″ inches tall out of a strong type of wood with the S shape of the spine all the way down to the tip that color and shape look excellent. I’ve recently had the lower part of my leg just below the calf amputated but I now have a prosthesis in place of my foot but I also use a cane for support I would like to have one that looks as cool as your creative piece and if you can I would like to know how much would you charge for your art.