Eagles and Other Carvings

Below are some examples of past work with current prices to give you an general idea of what things cost.

Unless noted otherwise, all of the items below are made to order. Depending upon the size and complexity of the carving, delivery time varies between 2 and 6 weeks for most items. I require 50% down before I will begin work on your item. When the work is complete I will email you a photo of the completed item with a request for the balance plus shipping.

The items below are carvings I have already done, or carvings I have patterns already made. Most commissions involve some amount of design and custom requests. In these cases design and pattern creation will be included in the total price. Once I receive the deposit I will finalize the design and email a copy of it to you for final approval before I begin carving.

Wood and finish choices can dramatically effect price. Mahogany costs 2 to 3 times what white pine or basswood costs. Usually the wood is matched to the project, but where objects will be hung outside, some people choose the more durable mahogany. A basic painted finish is the least expensive. Gold leaf will add a minimum of $100, and for large carvings it can add $500 or more. If you plan on hanging your carving outside, there is no better finish than gold leaf.

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This is the iconic Bellamy Eagle. It is my best selling eagle. It is 25″ from wing tip to wing tip. The finish on this eagle is an aged finished. As shown, this eagle would cost $450. Without the aged finish, the cost is $400. With a gold leaf finish this eagle would cost $500. Below are many other versions.


John Shortell Carved Eagle

John Bellamy Eagle Shortell

John Bellamy Eagle Shortell

John Shortell Carved Eagle

John Bellamy Eagle Shortell

John Shortell Carved Eagle

John Shortell Carved Eagle

John Shortell Carved Eagle

There are several different head and body styles, as you can see from the photos. All of them were made with patterns taken from actual, original Bellamy eagles. And the finish can be anything from bare wood to gold leaf and anything in between.

This is another eagle patterned after an original by John Bellamy. It is about 30″ wide and has a lightly aged finish. The flags make a big difference in price. They are very time consuming to not only carve, but also to paint. This eagle, as shown would cost $1000.

This is one of my favorite eagles. I love the look and I enjoy carving it. I have one of these above the front door of my house with the builders name and year my house was built. This particular eagle is about 48″ wide and finished in  gold leaf. It is designed to be hung outside. I also carve these in a 30″ size for indoor use with either a stained or painted brown finish. As shown, this eagle is $2500.

This is a reproduction of an eagle recently sold at a major auction. It’s about 50″ long and carved from one piece of wood. It can be carved in any size. As shown, in distressed finish, $800.

An impressive eagle by John Bellamy. This eagle is 48″ wide. All one piece of wood except for the head which is glued on to add depth to the carving. As shown in aged finish, $2500.

War and Peace eagles by John Bellamy. Eagle facing right (left from your perspective) supposedly means peacetime. Eagle facing left (right from your perspective) supposedly means wartime. These are available singly or as a pair. Each eagle is 43″ wide. As shown in aged finish, $750 each or $1400 for the pair.

Here are same eagles in gold leaf. With the gold they are $1000 each or $1900 for the pair.

Boston Carv­ing Com­pany Eagle

Another design originally from the Artis­tic Carv­ing Com­pany of Boston. Available in three standard sizes: 36″ @ $1500, 48″ @ $2500 and 64″ @ $4000. These prices are for basic lightly aged paint. Gold leaf and other finish options are available. Here are some other variations of the same eagle.




This is a fantastic piece. The original sold for $660,000 several years back. I was lucky to have examined this eagle up close and in person at an exhibit of Bellamy’s works. The one shown here is the 40″ version. It sells for $2500 as shown in a lightly aged finish. The 48″ version sells for $3500. You can order one any size or finish.

John Bellamy Eagle Shortell

This is an eagle patterned from a Boston Carving Company eagle. It is about 45″ long. As shown with one banner $650. With both banners $725. With no banner $600.


Here is something different. A two-headed Bellamy. This is a pattern of one of  his actual eagles. The original was painted and had a banner from wing-tip to wing-tip. The one shown is done in mahogany and is 45″ long. As shown, it is $1800


Here is an eagle that was designed by a customer. It’s about 36″ wide and as shown would cost $900

This is an impressive design by John Bellamy. Only one of these are known to exist. As shown, it is 32″ tall and 27″ wide and would cost, in the slightly aged finish, $3500.


Here is another customer designed eagle. The designer is a wildlife artist. This carving is more realistic than the others. I think it is one of the best designed birds I do. This eagle is 36″ wide and finished in gold leaf. As shown, $2500.

I also carve fully 3 dimensional eagles. This one is about life sized and is painted to imitate real gold leaf that has been aged indoors a long time. As shown, something like this would be $4500. Covered in real gold leaf would be $5300.

Here is another example of a 3 dimensional eagle. This one is a little more on the folk art style. As shown in real gold leaf would cost $5500.

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8 years ago

I have a vintage wooden eagle , wondering if you caved it thank you

Walter Norris
7 years ago

I have an eagle that looks like some of john bellamy work it came from new York about 2004 was led to belive to be from the 1870s taking a picture of the eagle with no flash it looks like deep bronze when you take a picture with the flash the eagle looks like a fifty dollar gold piece how do we get some pictures to you I had it look at by a gallery a couple years ago and they said that the value could be a hundred thousand dollars

7 years ago

Nice work. Can you do a bellamy eagle with talons holding arrows and shield?

Reply to  John Shortell
4 years ago

would like to purchase an eagle. I can not find any contact information for you. could you e-mail me a phone number? thank you.

7 years ago

You are so talented! I just love your work. God bless you and God bless America.

Neil Bryson
6 years ago

Hi John:

Great work. How much would it cost for the 30″ Bellamy Style Eagle with flags done in gold leaf. The aged finished one on your site is $1000.

Armando Rivera
5 years ago

How much for the Marine Eagle, Globe and Anchor you made. It was awesome!

Mike Petrillo
5 years ago


I am having a triple decker nautical themed clock built but the clockmaker does not carve.. could you card the piece at the top and the two half-rounds in the middle of the clock based off this photo.



edward flores
5 years ago

What is the cost of Artistic carving 48in eagle w/ 23k gold-leaf

Jane Ferguson
5 years ago

My husband and I bought an eagle in Kennebunkport, Maine many years ago. It is carved exactly in the style that you describe as from the”Atlantic Carving Company of Boston.” The eagle is 72″ from wingtip to wingtip, and was carved in or near Kennebunkport, we believe. The banner reads “Live and…Let Live”, a pleasant but unlikely sentiment from an eagle! We wonder if this was carved by you? Or another carver?

4 years ago

Per our conversation I wuld like to order the white Bellamy eagle with the antique finish that is listed at $450.00. I would like ” Don’t give up the ship” painted on the item. When the invoice is received I will sent the 50% down payment.