Carving Patterns

If you’d like to try your hand at carving your own eagle you can purchase full size wood carving patterns here. Once the purchase is complete you will receive an email with a link to a .pdf file containing a full sized carving pattern. Large patterns are printed on multiple pages with registration marks so you can piece them together from standard 8.5 x 11 inch pieces of paper.

Prices vary based on the complexity and detail. The longer they take to produce the more the pattern costs. When you figure how long it would take to create a full sized pattern on your own, the prices are quite reasonable.

Most of these patterns are exact copies of the original carvings. You won’t find more accurate patterns anywhere.

The best way to put large patterns together is to use regular clear tape to temporarily hold the sheets together then use clear packing tape to completely cover the pattern on both sides. This creates a reusable pattern. Once laminated with the packing tape you can cut out the pattern. It you want to create a more durable, reusable pattern you can glue the laminated pattern to a piece of tempered hardboard with spray mount adhesive and then cut it out with a band saw or jig saw.

Please email me photos of your finished carvings and I will post them on this page.

Please Note: After paying for your pattern you will receive an email with a link to download a .pdf file containing your pattern. If you do not receive the email within a few minutes, check your junk folder. If you still don’t receive the email, please send me an email right away (sales at johnshortell dot com) and I will email you your pattern. I do not mail patterns . If you are not able to print a .pdf file, please do not purchase my patterns.


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Patrick Walker
8 years ago

I purchased the Bellamy eagle pattern in the 48″ size, but received the 24″ download. Is there a way to change the size, or could you send me the 48″ download?

Thank You,

Robert Hornback
7 years ago

I bought the War of 1812 pattern this afternoon in the 24″ size. It printed out just fine, only not in a 24″ size. After taping the 4 sheets together and filling in all the spots it leaves blank, I can get it to 22″. Maybe there is some trick I can’t yet figure out. This is my first “trial” effort with these patterns. What am I doing wrong, I matched up the marks?

John Fornagiel
7 years ago

John I am new to carving I thing your patterns are things of beauty. I am not at the point that I could tackle any but give me a couple of weeks and I think I will be there. I am looking at the Old Brown Eagle I know the length but what is the height. Again I’m new to this so please excuse my ignorance.

Michael Wine
7 years ago

Hi John!

I was quite excited to find your site through a post at “North Carolina Woodworker” forum. I downloaded several of the Belamy eagles, and the Rooster weathervane. I love the work you do, and was happy to find the Bellamy patterns, I’ve not found any other than yours!

Do you have any other pictures/details of carving the Rooster? Once I am finished with my current Santa, the rooster is my next project. After that, the Bellamy eagle is next!


Dale Palmer
7 years ago

Dear Sur: I just purchased several of your patterns, and I made a mistake. I intended to purchase the Boston Carving Company Eagle pattern instead of the Artistic Carving Company of Boston pattern. Could you kindly exchange the one that I want for the one that I purchased. They are of same value. Please let me know by emailing me at palmerd115 [at] aol [dot] com.
Thank you kindly and I love your work.


Dale Palmer

6 years ago

I purchase the following three patterns but was disappointed that a list of sugested thickness was not given for the wood used:
Boston Carving Company Eagle (36 inch)
Eagle On an Arrow (18 inch)
In Hoc Signo Vinces Bellamy Eagle

Could you give me a suggested thickness to use for each of the patterns.

Thanks Ron

Robert L Brubaker
2 years ago

I purchased the Belamy 25 inch pattern but received no email with the pdf