Eagle Mirror Frame. A Great Design by a Customer

Some of my favorite projects are designs created by a customer. It gives me a chance to do something a little different. This one of those instances. Though the design incorporates one of my often carved eagles–a copy of a Boston Carving Company eagle–it is only part of the project. Building the frame was easy. Simple woodworking that I’ve done many times. The real challenge was the stars, 18 of them. Each one was cut from 3/8″ pine. But then I had to carve each one. They are only 1.5″ so holding them while during the carving was tough. I ended up using double-sided tape to hold them to my bench. It was time consuming, tedious work. It wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t have to make another one.

Feel free to design come up with your own idea and let me create if for you.

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William Sager Jr
7 years ago

I’d be interested in purchasing eagle patterns if they are available .

Dana McGuckin
6 years ago

I was so very excited to see my mirror frame on your site. I absolutely love that mirror, and make everyone hear the story behind it; from the artist who carved it to the details and the reason for the 18 stars! The attention to the details and the quality of the carving make it a priceless piece for our home with a little piece of history carved by a very talented artist.