Carving John Bellamy’s $660,000 Eagle

I recently received a commision to carve one of John Bellamy’s most famous carvings. Though I had created a pattern for it about a year ago, I had yet to actually carve one. This eagle will be smaller than the original at about 28″ wide. That’s about as small as I would carve one of these. Any smaller and you start losing some of the details.

Having a good pattern is the key to getting a close reproduction of the original. And having a high resolution photo of the original helps to get the details right. But without actually having the original in front of you, much of it is guess work.

Here is a series of photos taken a various stages. The last photo is the original.

If you’d like to try carving one yourself, at the end of this post you can purchase a pattern. To purchase a finished eagle click here.

God Is Refuge #1

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Template has been cut on the band saw and the head piece has been glued on.

Order a carving pattern here.


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Bill Morgan
12 years ago

I have a Bellamy Eagle that is the “Live and Let Leave”style that has been in my family for over thirty five years. It came from Connecticut and is over six feet measured from wing tip to wing tip. The closest to the one I have is on page 2 of the album. How can I find out whether it is an original or a reproduction?
Thank you,
Bill Morgan

3 years ago

Hi Bill. I realize that you asked this question ten years ago, however I just came across it on Pinterest. Do you still need information on your eagle?
If so I may be able to identify it’s origins.
I am an eagle carver also with a bit of carved eagle knowledge.