Boston Artistic Carving Company Eagle

Here is a recent commision for a large Boston Carving Company style eagle. The customer wanted the banner longer than on the original eagle, and in order to do that I had to give it a different shape. The eagle is 64″ wide at the banner and 60″ wide at the wings. Here is a photo of it in bare wood, before any finishing.

Normally this eagle is about 6″ thick, but the customer was mounting it in his living room and did not want it sticking out that far so I had to redesign it to only 4″ thick. The other change I made was to add some more detail to the talon on the shield. I’m not sure if I like it.

Because the customer wanted the eagle heavily aged, I had to stain the wood before painting it. This assures that any sand throughs don’t show bright new wood. Here is a photo after staining.

Here is a photo of the paint before the lettering and the aging process.

The customer wanted the eagle heavily aged. It was more than I was comfortable with. I sent him photos at different stages and he kept telling me, “More.” He wanted most of the paint removed from the wings. Here is a photo of the finished eagle. I’m not happy with the finish, but the customer was.

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Vin Maniace
11 years ago

Beautiful! Is tere a pattern available for this eagle, maybe in a smaller size? When you stained it, did you use a dye stain or a pigmented stain and what color was it?

Charles Arkon
11 years ago


Josh Staunton
Reply to  John Shortell
7 years ago

John, I just bought the 36″. What is the size wood I need for this? 36″ 24″ 4″?

Josh Staunton
Reply to  John Shortell
7 years ago

Thanks John!

9 years ago

hello john, very nice work , you said smaller how small? and can you change the banner into a snake?