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Bob Moffa
10 years ago

Great job!

What kind of wood is that? How thick is it?

Dan Whalen
9 years ago

Beautiful work. What is the size of this carving? Is it available in other sizes as well? What is the price for the various sizes, with patina, non-gilt finishes, please?


John Stacey
8 years ago

John, love this blog. I am working on my second eagle and struggled with making patterns for each one. I can tell you for certain my next eagle will be made from your patterns. On another note. Have you ever considered doing a book(s) on eagle carving? I can’t imagine doing the linenfold work on your eagles with flags. Banners , on the 1812 eagle another form of linenfold play games with my anemic carving skills. Right now I’m starting the claws and ball of a Pilot house eagle and would love a book that goes into more depth than Paul Rolfe’s book. Visited Bellamy’s grave in Kittery last week and even found his studio. It’s amazing to me how little the town of Kittery Me does to promote its most famous resident.

wm brown
7 years ago

I am also just starting to carve – completed 2 Bellamy eagles but I have not applied the gold leaf yet. Still reading up in that. May I ask what paint you use of your flags and banners? I assume it’s oil based if outside? I was thinking that maybe One-Shot or Ronan’s letter paint might work, but I like the bold and bright colors that I see on your eagles.
Thanks very much.

Also, if John Stacey sees this, please get in touch. Perhaps we can bounce ideas off each other! I’m at dei [dot] gratia123 [at] gmail [dot] com

–Wm. Brown

PS – I am soooo received that Hillary did not get in. Did you send the eagle to Trump?