Some Recent Projects

It’s been a busy year. Not just with carving but doing some major renovation projects around the house. That’s left me with little to no time to post anything here. To keep this site relevant and keep my search listing near the top of Google results I need to post more often. That being said, below are a few of the things I’ve carved over the year in between house projects. 


Old Brown Eagle. Carved in relief from one inch thick pine and aged.

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Freshening Up an Old Carved Eagle


This is an eagle I carved in 2003 and it has hung on the front of my house ever since. I just had my house painted so I figured this old eagle should get a new finish also. After 17 years it still looks pretty good. Sun, rain, snow–normal New England weather–aged it some, but most of the finish is still there. The body is 24K gold leaf and the paint is “one shot” sign paint. Both hold up extremely well. Click the image to see a close up.

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