How to fix Air Arms TX200 Cocking Problem

If you own an Air Arms TX200 MKIII and are having a problem cocking it completely, for example, the auto safety is not engaging or the anti bear trap device isn’t releasing, there is probably an easy fix. I bought a new TX200 recently and immediately began having problems. Once cocked, I could not get the anti bear trap device to unlock the cocking handle. I would have to hold the cocking lever as far as I could push it an then release the beartrap device and let up on the cocking handle. Also the auto safety wasn’t engaging. I searched online and found a lot of similar complaints but only one solution that didn’t involve sending the rifle back for repairs. The one solution I found involved taking the trigger assy completely apart and soldering a piece of metal onto one of the trigger parts. That’s a job too difficult for all but the most daring do-it-yourselfer. And after looking closely at the rifle and its superb quality and engineering I found it implausible that the Air Arms Trigger would need such altering.

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Carving an Eagle in the Round (part 4)

To those who have been following this project, I apologize for taking so long to add more photos of the progress. I have been busy with customer (paying) work and have had little time to work on this eagle. When I had some spare time, or when I was in need of a change I did a little carving but failed to take many photos. So here are the photos I did manage to take. Feathering can be very time consuming depending on the level of detail you go for. The original eagle had very little detail. I wanted a different look so I carved lots of feathers. I’ve managed to finish rouging out the feathers on the front of the eagle and have just started adding quills and vanes. I’m back to customer work so it will be a while before I can post any more photos.

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